Dice is a 3-piece guitar rock band formed in Seattle.

Dice is a 3-piece spacey guitar rock band formed in Seattle in February 2019 when a mutual friend, Carlyle McGant, connected the dots and brought the band together to begin writing and recording original music. All 3 members are songwriters and singers in addition to being instrumentalists, and thanks to the technological advances of the 21st century we have assembled an ever expanding home studio/monster lab. 


In January 2020 we finished our first full length album, Sliced & Diced, a saucy punch to the cerebral cortex chock full of songs about dogs, lizard people, and debauchery. 


Along the way Dice has rocked stages at several of the finest dive bars Seattle has to offer (i.e., Blue Moon, Darrell’s, Cafe Racer, Sunset Tavern). We are pleased to announce that songwriting for the second album is underway, and while our endeavors in the lab have yet to fully animate an expired specimen, extended periods of rapid eye movements and twitching appendages suggest we may be close…


Dice is:

Will: guitars, synths, bass, vocals

Derek: bass, guitars, vocals

Erika: drums, vocals